Minors and health

Our minors are extremely important in society, they are the future. Therefore, we must pay them the special attention they deserve, guaranteeing access to rights for children and young people, and those who are doubly vulnerable due to having any disease or condition that makes it difficult for them to enjoy them. The Foundation develops projects with social entities that promote the improvement of the rights of these children and their families. In this project, we will coordinate pro bono lawyers with experts in social innovation to eliminate legal barriers to access diagnosis, treatment, medication, therapy or follow-up of their disease, as well as to seek solutions to other problems that prevent full social inclusion of these minors.

Tokens balance

The balance and transaction details of Pombo tokens guarantees, on one hand, transparency about the amount of pro bono hours completed by Gómez- Acebo & Pombo lawyers in the legal projects of the Foundation, and in other hand, allows the traceability of the investment of the token owners in the project of their choice.





On “Subject” field, a system of abbreviations has been created in order to increase the transparency of all the activities carried out in each project. This system is represented by the following structure: "AAA-BBB-CCC", being:

“AAA” the abbreviation of the project:

  • “VGA” (Gender Violence in Adolescents)
  • “VGM” (Gender Violence in Older Women)
  • “TSH” (Trafficking in Human Beings)
  • “IYS” (Childhood and Health)

“BBB” the abbreviation of the type of activity and the legal issues analyzed:

  • “INV.”(Research)
  • “GUIA” (Guide)
  • “CUESTIONES” (legal issues)
  • “FORM.”(Training)
  • “DIV.”(Divulgation)

“CCC” the initials of the names and surnames of the pro bono lawyers of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo.


Transaction type buy Transaction ID id-card Quantity cantidad Date date Subject subject
Donation ...6a8a2064 10 15-10-2019 11:58 UTC
Donation ...467c947d 35 15-10-2019 11:59 UTC
Donation ...5e667cfb 35 15-10-2019 11:59 UTC
Donation ...5d7ceafc 35 15-10-2019 11:59 UTC
Donation ...22b3e916 35 15-10-2019 11:59 UTC
Billing ...7098dcd4 6 02-08-2020 13:50 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES SALUD-IFP
Billing ...c724fbd9 5 02-08-2020 13:52 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES SEGURO-PMG
Billing ...0f370e08 28 02-08-2020 13:55 UTC IYS-RECURSO SALUD-YFD
Billing ...8f8590ae 3 02-08-2020 13:56 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES PI-MCS
Billing ...e7c31d28 9 02-08-2020 14:02 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES PI-ISM
Billing ...bc58bf4c 1 02-08-2020 14:05 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES FISCAL-BML
Billing ...6c6a17ae 3 30-09-2020 13:13 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES ADMIN-ABG
Billing ...0d7c5c78 4 01-10-2020 13:31 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES FISCAL-BML
Billing ...a2078982 7 05-10-2020 08:33 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES LABOR-LCN
Billing ...fc0cc7d5 13 05-10-2020 08:34 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES LABOR-PCP
Billing ...ce18556d 9 05-10-2020 08:48 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES ADMIN-SPS
Billing ...b316a356 14 05-10-2020 08:49 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES ADMIN-DPU
Billing ...cf8655fc 8 05-10-2020 08:50 UTC IYS-CUESTIONES ADMIN-PAR
Billing ...74bcb940 17 12-10-2020 13:34 UTC IYS-GUIA LABORAL-RTS
Billing ...8b931597 8 12-10-2020 13:35 UTC IYS-GUIA LABORAL-SPS
Billing ...fbf6b97d 15 12-10-2020 13:36 UTC IYS-GUIA LABORAL-CAB
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